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Wheel & Tyre Packages

At Direct Alloys we take pride in serving customers with the best quality wheels from major manufacturers. Now we also take pride in providing the best quality tyres, pre fitted and balanced, along with your wheels and fitting kit.


Due to the diverse range of tyres and fluctuating prices, it is best to contact us for the latest information on our packages. Call now for more information.

Our Tyre Guide

The prevalent belief is that all tyres are the same. If only this were true! Usually, more expensive tyres provide better road handling and grip, less degradation, quieter road noise, better fuel economy, better high speed stability and reduced stopping distance! Tyres can play a huge part when braking suddenly.

Tyre information is written on the sidewall, and comply with the code shown below:


Speed Ratings

All tyres carry a letter indicating the maximum speed for which the tyre is intended to be used. The letters translate as follows:

  • N = 87 MPH
  • P = 93 MPH
  • Q = 99 MPH
  • R = 106 MPH
  • S = 112 MPH
  • T = 118 MPH
  • H = 130 MPH
  • V = 149 MPH
  • W = 168 MPH
  • Y = 186 MPH
  • ZR = 149 MPH


Other Markings

Tyres carry a three digit age code on the sidewall indicating the month and year of manufacture.

For example 1299 means the tyre was manufactured in the 12th month of year 99 – December 1999.

M&S – Identifies Mud and Snow tyres

E-Marks – Tyres for sale in the European Community must carry an E -Mark in accordance with ECE Reg 30 – eg E4 027550

Tyre care and condition

It is easy to ignore the condition and tread of your tyres – this can lead to danger. A lack of tread on a tyre is very dangerous, causing loss of grip and aquaplaning (Where the tread fills with water and the tyre floats above the road). Tyre pressure should be checked regularly as low pressure can lead to uneven tyre wear, bad fuel economy and blowouts. The vehicle’s tracking and balancing can also cause uneven tyre wear, therefore all our wheels and tyres are balanced and safety checked before they are shipped from Direct Alloys.

The difference between budget tyres and premium tyres are found in their manufacturing process. On the BBC TV programme ‘Fake Britain’ they tested two sets of tyres on a Skoda Octavia. With the budget tyres, braking from 60mph to a stop, took 15-20 feet more than the premium brand tyres. That distance may seem insignificant but could be the difference between a near miss and serious accident.

Our Premium Tyre Range


GOODYEAR – Entered Formula 1 in 1959 and after 39 years in the sport, rose to become the most successful tyre supplier ever in F1 with a total of 368 GP wins from 494 starts, 24 drivers championships and 26 constructors championships. Their final win was at the 1998 Italian Grand Prix at the hands of Michael Schumacher. They were involved with NASCAR since the 1950s and since 1997 they became the sole tyre supplier as well as being major sponsors for some of the events. They also supplied tyres to the IndyCar Series up until 2000 and have taken 29 wins at the Indianapolis 500 race. Also world renown for it’s blimps which has been their major advertising device since 1925. In 1967 Goodyear became the first of only three tyre manufacturers to win the Triple Crown Of Motorsport which consists of the 24 Hours Of Le Mans, the Indy 500 and the Monaco Grand Prix. A year later Firestone acheived the same feat and in 1979 Michelin accomplished the crown.


MICHELIN – First entered Formula 1 in 1977 and battled Goodyear until 1984. They then re-entered in 2001 and battled Bridgestone for 5 years delivering driver’s titles to Fernando Alonso in 2005 & 2006. They left the sport in 2006 and took their tally to 6 driver’s titles and 4 constructors titles taking 102 wins from 215 starts with their final win coming at the 2006 Japanese Grand Prix courtesy of Fernando Alonso. In between their F1 adventures, they competed and battled with Pirelli in the World Rally Championship and supplied tyres to teams such as Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Ford and Citroen. They currently supply tyres to the Porsche Supercup and Porsche Carrera Cup Series as well as the American Le Mans Series and two thirds of the entries in the 24 hours of Le Mans.


BRIDGESTONE – Entered Formula 1 in 1997 after a brief cameo in 1976 and 1977. When they returned in ’97 they stayed with the sport for 13 years and during that successful time they delivered F1 Driver’s Championships to Mika Hakkinen, Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel’s first title. They left the sport in 2010 and aquired 11 driver’s and constructors titles and clocked up 116 wins from 244 starts with their final win coming at the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix where Sebastian Vettel won the race to become the youngest world champion at the time. They are one of the main tyre suppliers to the Japanese Super GT Series and compete with other suppliers such as Dunlop, Michelin and Yokohama.


PIRELLI – Been involved in Formula 1 since it started in 1950, they exited in 1958 but then reentered in 1981 and left again 1991. They have been the sole tyre supplier since the 2011 season. They have developed their tyres in F1 to try and increase the competitiveness, the 2012 season saw 8 drivers take to the top step of the podium and they crowned Sebastian Vettel ‘The Youngest Triple World Champion’. After the rollercoaster season Pirelli delivered their 8th driver’s championship and their second constructors championship. As of the 2013 Australian Grand Prix, Pirelli moved up to 4th ahead of Dunlop in the all time rankings of tyre supplier wins. They took their first F1 win at the first ever F1 race at Silverstone in 1950.  In between their F1 ventures they have competed and been successful in the World Rally Championship supplying tyres to Lancia, Subaru, Toyota and SEAT as well as being in heavy competition with Michelin.


DUNLOP – Entered Formula 1 in 1950 and dominated the sport for 20 years. They delivered 8 driver’s titles and 9 constructors championships and took 83 wins from 175 starts, their last win came at the 1970 Belgian Grand Prix. They made a brief cameo return to F1 in 1976 but left the sport a year later after poor results.  They were the sole tyre supplier for the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters since it started in 2000 until 2010, they supply tyres to the Japanese Super GT Series, the American Le Mans Series and the V8 Supercar race series in Australia.


FIRESTONE – Entered Formula 1 in 1950 and stayed with the sport for 25 years clocking up 4 drivers titles and 3 constructors titles and picking up 49 wins from 121 starts, the last win came at the 1972 Italian Grand Prix at the hands of Emerson Fittipaldi. They were bought out by Bridgestone in 1988 and in 1995 Firestone were entered in the CART series to supply tyres in an attempt to challenge Goodyear. They have taken more than 60 wins at the Indianapolis 500, more than any other tyre supplier. Their number of wins have come with dominance since they won the Indy 500 race every year from 1920 to 1966 and also won the first ever race in 1911. Since 2000 they have been the sole supplier at the race. They supplied tyres until the CART series merged with the IndyCar Series in 2008 and they still are the sole tyre supplier for the US IndyCar Series and also the Firestone Indy Lights series.


CONTINENTAL – Entered Formula 1 in 1954 and had a brief but successful spell. In the 13 races they started they managed 10 wins with their final win coming at the 1958 Argentine Grand Prix courtesy of the legendary Sir Stirling Moss. During their 4 years in Formula 1 they won 2 driver’s titles.


YOKOHAMA – They have been the official tyre supplier of the Macau Grand Prix Formula 3 Intercontinental Cup since 1983. They are the official tyre supplier to the World Touring Car Championship and IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge. They participate in the American Le Mans Series and the Red Line Time Attack as well as sponsoring the NBA teams, Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs.


TOYO – Supplied tyres to different forms of motorsport for years and most recently the Formula Drift series in the USA.


AVON – Competed in Formula 1 from 1954 to 1958 but with little success, so they retried in 1981 but pulled out a year later. They started 29 GP races but failed to win a single one.


KUMHO – Supplies tyres to many different forms of motorsport including the Japanese Super GT series. They also are a platinum partner of Manchester United and major sponsors of the European Formula Three Racing Series.

BF Goodrich

BF GOODRICH – They were the first American tyre manufacturer back in 1896. They have competed in major motorsport competitions such as the World Rally Championship and won the Baja Californian competiton 17 times and took 5 Paris-Dakar Rally wins. They also had tyres fitted to notable vehicles in history, such as the first car to cross the USA in 1903, the Spirit Of St. Louis in 1927 and the Columbia space shuttle in 1977.


FALKEN – They supply tyres to the American Le Mans Series, British and International Drift Series and Formula D. They also sponsor race events such as the D1 Grand Prix, Formula D and the famous 24 hours Nurburgring. They were the title sponsor of the British Drift Series until 2010.


HANKOOK – They supplied tyres to a number of teams in the American Le Mans Series in 2008 and between 2007-2009 they supplied tyres for the IMSA which is a feeder series to the American Le Mans Series. From 2011 they are the official supplier to the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters. They supply tyres for the Hankook KTR Team that race in the Super GT and Asian Le Mans Series. Hankook are major sponsors for the Scottish Rally Championship, Borussia Dortmund Football Club, Melbourne Football Club, Northampton Saints Rugby Club and the UEFA Europa League.


COOPER – They were the official tyre supplier to the A1 Grand Prix series for it’s initial season. 2007 saw them become the official supplier of the USF2000 and the IMSA Prototype Lites. They also applied to become the official tyre supplier to Formula 1 for the 2011 season but lost out to Pirelli. From the 2009-2014 season, Cooper became the official title sponsor of the British Formula Three Championship. Cooper are also heavily involved in drifting and supply tyres to several drifters in the Need For Speed Drift Series and Canadian Drift Series.

Our Budget Tyre Range




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